Five Year Product Warranty specification text

Text for five year product warranty to be inserted into specification


Five year product warranty - specification text


Specification text

Please insert the following text into your specification:

1.     Unless indicated otherwise, all the luminaires selected for this project are protected by a 5 year warranty, consisting of 1 year on site and 4 years return to base coverage.

2.     The warranty shall be serviced by a service provider pre-approved by the luminaire manufacturer; the warranty shall be registered with the manufacturer or service provider via their website or other means as required to ensure compliance with the warranty.  

3.     The warranty service provider shall not be responsible for providing access at height or out of hours working.

4.     Full details of the warranty shall be provided (if requested) from the manufacturer or manufacturer’s warranty service provider. 

5.     The warranty service provider shall have permanently employed staff based in Northern Ireland.

6.     Any changes to the specification that are made without the prior consultation of the specifier and outside the process set out in this specification for the Approval for Alternative Luminaireswill invalidate the warranty and the validity of the design; the specifier will therefore will not be responsible for any non-conformance to the above criteria.   In this event the Electrical Contractor shall be expected to provide a comprehensive ten year warranty to match the warranty of the originally specified products.

Luminaire description text

Please insert the following text into each luminaire description:

Luminaire shall be protected by 5 year manufacturer’s warranty consisting of 1 year on site, 4 years return to base coverage, to be serviced by the manufacturer’s approved provider. See warranty section of this specification for full details.