Ten year warranty- an industry first from Chroma Lighting and Light Logistics

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Chroma Lighting - Light Logistics

10 year warranty- a new industry standard

Over the last decade LED technology has changed the face of lighting, with improved efficacy and greatly extended operating life. Unfortunately for our clients, the market is now saturated by low-cost, low quality products masquerading as specification grade luminaires.  Even poor quality products will often last for a year, but we believe our clients should have reassurance that they have invested in their future.  

Having built an unequalled reputation for after sales support over more than 20 years, our clients have come to expect a minimum 5 year warranty that can can be relied upon in the unlikely event of problems.  We've now negotiated with our main manufacturers to extend their warranties beyond 5 years which in turn allows us to extend our offer.  We can now offer an industry leading warranty of TEN YEARS on our main product ranges, consisting of one year on-site attendance and nine years return to base coverage. 

This warranty will be administered by our sister company Light Logistics NI Ltd. who enjoy a peerless reputation with knowledgeable technicians and more than 12 years' expertise in fault finding, restoration, refurbishment (and occasionally) repair.

how do we do it?

How can we offer a warranty that is double the current industry standard?  Simple: We only specify and supply quality products from reputable manufacturers, and we've negotiated extended warranties with them for our projects.  We have been able to obtain this extension because of Chroma Lighting and Light Logistics' dedication to providing a matchless service.

These extended manufacturers' warranties gives us confidence that (subject to normal usage), the products we supply will still be working correctly in ten years- and beyond! 

Our warranty means you can can enjoy the confidence of a reliable system for a 10 years, administered by an NI based company with a reputation for service that is second to none. 

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ten year warranty

an industry first

how do I get this protection?

Again, simple: just register the project at www.lightlogistics.net and we will ensure the details of the project are logged, so that we have product and component traceability for the next decade, in the unlikely event of a product failure.

what will this cost?

Nothing. This will be a no-cost provision to the client, however we can only offer this extended warranty on products from select manufacturers- if the project is subject to Value Engineering, we may be required to use cheaper luminaires with a more basic 5 year warranty.