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in-house product design


We are very fortunate to be able to offer an in-house luminaire design service, in conjunction with a number of manufacturers in UK and Europe. This has allowed us to develop a number of bespoke luminaire and ancillary items for specific tasks within projects. We can provide accurate 3D modelling and rendering to give a potential client a very accurate impression of our luminaire designs.

Anti-ligature covers for Acute Mental Health Unit

It’s difficult to provide robust yet decorative luminaires that are suitable for mental health facilities, but working in conjunction with Donite Plastics we developed a range of polycarbonate covers that can be adapted to suit most recessed luminaires. They’ve been tested exhaustively by AECOM and are now used throughout Belfast City Hospital’s new Acute Mental Health Unit.

Most recently we collaborated with Artist Tony Stallard and Waddington McClure Architects on a light sculpture for the 2016 Amsterdam Light Festival. This world renowned event includes art from leading creatives in the fields of art, architecture and lighting design. While ultimately unsuccessful, we were delighted to be shortlisted!

Our special luminaires are in use in a number of very significant projects in Ireland and the UK.  Please contact Gary McElkerney to discuss your requirements.