Exemplar Projects

We love schools (though we maybe weren't so hot on them when we were there), but educational establishments always challenge us to create something exciting, invigorating and always economical. None of the big, straightforward lucrative jobs for us, we tend to excel at the unusual, as you can see below.

While we're proud of every project in which we're involved, some projects are worth examining in a little detail. The projects below reflect the level of involvement we like to provide, and the results bear out the extra work we carry out to make them special.

Exemplar projects

Queen's University Belfast School of Law

This striking new building blends a contemporary aesthetic with the traditional facades of Queen's University's Quad, and features many inventive details throughout its interior. In particular, the steel staircase integrates linear LED lighting, with strong linear forms to draw the eye to it's structure, while providing useful levels of illuminance throughout the space.

This design used iGuzzini Underscore in an extruded aluminium channel selected to match the width of the steel I beams, powder coated to blend seamlessly with the structure. The stairwell comes to life at night and the lines of light create drama, provide guidance and general illuminance. This was only possible by working closely with Todd Architects and Troup Bywaters + Anders Consulting Engineers.