form in light

Archilumo panels with an etched pattern give an elegant appearance to this retail space

archilumo suspended large 2.jpg

ArchilumO is a new way to light in space- highly efficient LED lighting in carefully considered forms come together in a modular lighting system designed to become an architectural focal point in any space.  

Visual impact and light engineering in a single expressive form.  With a range of colour temperatures, biodynamic tuneable white or RGB options as well as etched or printed covers, ArchilumO can be as minimal or bespoke as your interior. 

Chroma Lighting are delighted to be working with ArchilumO to bring this unique system, two years in development,  to NI and Ireland designers. Contact our in-house design team or visit the website for more details.

The modules include curves in two planes, allowing an almost limitless variety of forms to be created

archilumo reception.png

The modules corm lines of light for guidance as well as providing practical levels of high quality retail lighting.

Individual modules can be assembled to create limitless designs 

Colour changing or tuneable white panels are available.